Thanksgiving Turkey Screensaver 1.01

No Image `Thanksgiving Turkey - Happy Thanksgiving` by is a flash screensaver featuring Thanksgiving-themed cartoon images. Turkey pecks at the ground and runs back and forth across the screen. Background changes from day to night with PC system clock. Sky changes from bright blue to a glorious sunset. In the evening, the warm colored lights of the `Happy Thanksgiving` sign turn on. Requires Adobe Flash Player 9 or above.

Thanksgiving Date 2010 1.0: Dress up yourself in new special game Thanksgiving Date 2010!
Thanksgiving Date 2010 1.0

On this Thanksgiving holiday will be many famous guests, so you have to look irresistible. Prefer the most beautiful attire in this download game Thanksgiving Date 2010 to be the best girl there. If you like your image, you could create wallpapers for your screen or save beautiful Thanksgiving Day pictures. Download our game to prove your pure taste and strike everybody down with your fashionable array!

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ALTools Thanksgiving Wallpaper 2009: ALTools Thanksgiving Wallpaper with ALZip and ALTools Utility Discount Event
ALTools Thanksgiving Wallpaper 2009

ALTools Thanksgiving Wallpaper is now available. We celebrate both Canada and the United States Thanksgiving! A discount event is on air too! We are discounting ALZip and ALTools Utility as a Thanksgiving event. Don`t miss the chance! You can check our event on Enjoy Thanksgiving, and enjoy ALTools!

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Thanksgiving Promenade 3D 1.1: Thanksgiving Promenade 3D! It`s the best autumn present for everybody!
Thanksgiving Promenade 3D 1.1

You`ll certainly like our Thanksgiving Day gift! May we bring to your attention our picturesque Thanksgiving Promenade 3D! You`ll find yourself in the nice countryside and lose the sense of reality for some instants! The blue sky above, fields covered with fall leaves, the lake shore and the forest far off... What can be better in order to lapse into day-dreaming! Let your Thanksgiving Day be vivid and truly autumn with Thanksgiving Promenade 3D!

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Critical Seeker Thanksgiving  version 4.1: Challenge your observational power with this smart photo hunt game.
Critical Seeker Thanksgiving version 4.1

Critical Seeker Thanksgiving is a classic puzzle game challenging your power of observation. Players need to spot the five differences between two virtually identical thanksgiving images before the timer runs down. You can also load new pictures about thanksgiving from local or our web site. The game is extremely to operate, with a smart interface and interesting music.

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Animated Thanksgiving Dinner Wallpaper 2.0: Free Animated Thanksgiving Dinner Wallpaper
Animated Thanksgiving Dinner Wallpaper 2.0

On the eve of Thanksgiving, let this wallpaper mark your screen. The cool orange background and the artistic frame here show all the symbols of the occasion. Enjoy this Thanksgiving by watching this free animated wallpaper on your desktop.

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Animated Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper 2.0: Free Animated Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper
Animated Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper 2.0

Watch the bounties of Thanksgiving slowly moving across the screen and a video of the field of plenty at the end. Download this beautiful wallpaper to behold the plentiful bounties and be thankful at Thanksgiving.

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